Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Today is Monday, Right?? Winners of the Giveaway Announced!!

It's been one of those weeks!!  I could not believe yesterday was Monday, first of all and second, where in the world did it go?  But I had a chat with Mr. Random Number Generator and he chose 3 winners!!

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who lives in Connecticut and does not have a blog but she does keep me on my toes if I don't get my Saturday Smiles out on time!!  Dotti likes French Age real and report fabrics, so I am guessing she will like some French General Mini Charms!! 

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who blogs over at Wedding Dress Blue.  I met Deanna many years ago on our blogs but never got the chance to meet up in person even though she just lived down the road from me when I lived in Logan, UT.  I KNOW Deanna loves postage stamp quilts because I have seen many on her blog over the years!!  Will she pick Contemporary or Dark and Dirty?

True Random Number Generator  
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I think Sharon used to blog but it looks like no longer.  She likes Contemporary, so I am going to see if I still have something from BasicGrey.

Congratulations to the 3 winners and a big thank you to 
all of you that played along!!

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Anonymous said...

YAY--Thank you so much. I would usually select contemporary, but I have a few mini packs of the darker groups and can probably make something pretty good sized with three more. What a fun offer! (And a new project for 2018).