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Oh My gosh . . .

I FINALLY finished the sweater I started for my friend, Barb but it has almost been 2 whole years!!  Yikes!!

You can see the December 18, 2016 post HERE where I had already done some of the body.  And my friend Ellie in the comments said "lovely pattern but it looks complicated on the yoke"!!  Oh, man, was that an understatement!!

It wasn't actually the cabling that was difficult but adding the arms to the body so the cables would drape over the shoulders with no seam was where I messed up.

At the bottom of the sleeve in the picture above, I had to do something I had never done on a sweater for the right armhole.  So, I did it and I just assumed it was the same for the left arm hole!!  NOT!!   But I did not figure out the mistake until I had ripped out the cabling almost to the neck TWICE!!

First time I just was not happy with the results so I ripped it out.  But not to the point where I added the sleeves to the body, but instead just a few rows below where the cable started.

The second time it still was not right but I only went up abut 3/4 way to the neck befog ripping it out to the point where I separated the sleeves from the body and started again there.  It was at that point that I realized the process I used to add the right sleeve to the body was not the same process as adding the left sleeve to the body!!  OH MY!!

So, third time was a charm and the sweater is completed, blocked and is winging it's way to Barb in Logan, UT.

HA! Ha! Looking at the top picture, I hope the right sleeve is not really that much longer than the left sleeve but instead it was just how it was hanging on the hanger during the photo op!!  :-)

Finally, a big shout out to my sweet Dad on his 101st birthday!!  Happy Birthday, Pop!!  You are VERY missed!!

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