Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh My Goodness . . .

I actually got a project completed and presented to the new owner!!

My friend Becky and her husband have been hosting a darling young man from China for the past month.  DH was Jaiyi's basketball coach in China when they lived over there a couple of years ago.  So, Jaiyi came to America to learn better basketball from his American coach.  He had a wonderful time while he was here and Becky asked if I would make him a quilt to remind him of his American family.

I was thrilled to be a part of Jaiyi's visit and Jaiyi loved the quilt!! He could not stop saying thank you!!  So much fun!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Survival Mode . . .

Sometimes in life we get a bag of lemons and we need to decide what to do with that bag.  So, I decided to make lemonade, PINK lemonade ~

As in so many parts of the country, it has been super hot here in Logan and so I have stayed down in my studio putting together little Miss Rosie's Schnibbles Quilt Kits for my eBay shop.  Not too much going on there and I am sure it is because who in the heck wants to make too many quilts when it is so dang hot out there??  This way, come the end of the summer, I'll be all stocked up and ready to go ~

They are so much fun to make up and plus, I am downstairs where it is nice and cool!!

And then today, it was so beautiful this morning, that I decided to get outside and work on my yard.  First, I have to show off this darling little rose plant that my friend Jenni down under sent me a year ago May when my Dad died.  I over wintered it and then replanted it in a larger pot and look at that gorgeous little yellow rose!!

And then my big project was to get a "real" fence up in my backyard so that Pollie didn't have to worry about wandering into the neighbor's yard - she loves to go say hi to their little bunnies.  So, I took my Lowe's gift card that I got a couple of years ago and went shopping.

I was out in the sun for a bit over 3 hours, so I certainly got my does of vitamin D today and here is what I got done so far ~

See that pile of wood to the far left??  Well, a few days ago it was about 10 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6 feet high.  Because my wood stove is downstairs with all my cotton fabrics, I knew I would never use it - that smoke smell would ruin my fabric, and so I gave all the wood to a neighbor who is hauling it away to his yard and helping me clean up the mess that remains.  Lots of wasps hanging out in the wood pile.

I am so excited to have a real fence back there.  It is supposed to be cool again tomorrow morning, so I can get it finished.  This, I am proud to say, is my new $7.00 fence (that's what it cost me after the gift certificate!!).

I hope you are all staying cool or dry or warm (for my friends down under)!!  Enjoy the weekend and thanks for visiting!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

100 Quilts for Kids!!


Katie over at Swim Bike Quilt has announced the beginning of the annual charity quilt drive, 100 Quilts for Kids!!  What a great way for each of us to be of service to others and be grateful for all we are blessed with!!  And the great thing is that Katie encourages us to donate the quilts locally!!  So, come on and get over to Katie's blog and see how we can all pitch in to make a kid smile!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July . . .

to all my American friends!!

I hope you all stay safe this day and say a little prayer of protection for this wonderful country of ours!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And the Winner Is . . .

#33 - Sonja over at A Quilting Southpaw's Thoughts!!

It was so fun reading through all your comments and seeing the fun quilts you would like to do, I decided that more than one of you needed to be working on a patriotic quilt, so I ran Mr. Random again and came up with a second winner - # 86 - Kris over at In the Emerald Woods.  Ok, come on you guys, I did not pick Kris because of the cool way she spells her name - she really was #86!!

Congratulations, Girls!!

Email me your address and I will put your goodies in the mail first thing Friday morning!!

And P.S.  Af you would like to have some patriotic fabrics of your own, I still have some listed in my Etsy shop!!

Thank you to everyone for playing along and letting me visit your blogs to see all your beautiful work!!  I wish everyone could be a winner!!