Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Get to Join The Inchy Hexegon Flower Swap!!

Back in April, I an across the Inchy Hexegon Flower Shop blog and emailed Jane to ask if I could join the swap.  Well, at that time the swap was full but she invited me to join in August.   I had just made my very first hexie in April and I have fallen in love with them!!
Well, Jane asked me in her email if I knew one or two others that would like to join and I told her I would give a shout out to all my blogging buddies and see if any of you want to join the swap!!  If you are interested, email me at and I will get you in touch with Jane!!

Enjoy this wonderful day that we have been given!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Home and Boy, Can I NOT Count!!

I got home last night and on Friday I wrote that I was going to have a very special giveaway because I was so close to an amazing 20,000 visits.  Well, hello, I am still almost a 1,000 visits away.  Gosh, doesn't 20,000 come right directly after 19,000?  NOT!!

So, since I promised a very special giveaway, I am going to start it right now even though I am a little slow on up-take!!  :-))

This quilt is a gorgeous quilt that was made in 1968 and the top is not only all made from wool but all of the crazy quilt borders and embroidery are all done by hand.  I am not 100% sure but I would imagine that the entire top was hand pieced as well!!  Also, this is not a family heirloom.  I do not know who made it.  My cousin knows I quilt and she saw it and thought I would like it - which I do but . . .

The back is made from a cottony- satiny striped fabric.  And folded over as the binding.  Then the binding has been hand-stitched with a feather stitch over it.

There is one little hole - see picture below but other than that this quilt is in wonderful condition.

Why am I giving it away, you ask??  Even though it is a gorgeous piece of hand work, the colors are just too dark for me and I have kept it folded up in a drawer for the past several years.  So, I thought, I am being very selfish and not sharing this wonderful quilt with the world!!  I think this heirloom needs to belong to someone who really would appreciate it and display it or use it.

I am just asking one thing - please only leave a comment for a chance at this quilt if you REALLY, REALLY want to own it or know someone you can give it to who would REALLY, REALLY like to own it!!

I will be sharing this quilt with one of you on August 15th!!  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Working in Beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado!!

Monday night a client and dear friend of mine called me and asked if I would come to Colorado Springs (from St. George, UT) to help him get organized with some stuff he and his sweet wife, Genie are going through.  I got a ticket and got here Wednesday afternoon.  After feeding me like a queen and watching the Rockies beat the Atlanta Braves, I got in bed and then started out yesterday morning fast and furious!!

Yesterday was a silver bullet, banner day and now today will be the frustrating day to start the long haul of getting everything organized.

I wanted to take the time to stop in and catch up on all my wonderful blogging friends!!  And to let you know that amazing as it is, my little blog is approaching 20,000 visits!!  Holy cow, who would have ever thought??  Well, in order to celebrate I am going to have a BIG giveaway and I will announce it as soon as I get home next week - not sure which day cuz not sure how long it is going to take to organize all these files.


And thank you all for your kind comments on the The Christmas in July Giveaway that is currently under way!!  I just love this quilting community!!  Enjoy your day!!  And stay cool wherever you might be!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Boxes are Evaporating Like the Rain in the Desert

Well, the move is coming along swimmingly!!!  Each day both Regena and I are emptying boxes and culling out duplicates or un-needed stuff.  I do have to admit that Regena is much more productive than me!!!  Not sure why, but its true!!  Also, she's a very good cook and if I keep eating like I have this past week I am going to put on a ton of weight!!  Yiks!!

But, here is my current dilemma - I have this kind of ugly built-in brown shelf on the wall where my work space is located and I am just not sure what to do with it.  It goes as high as about 8 inches from the ceiling down to about chest height:
Do I just use it for dolls and critters or is there some way I can utilize it so it is a productive part of my sewing room??  I don't think I can take it down but I might try painting it so it is not quite so brown!!!  This is my big project for the weekend!!!

Have a great weekend wherever you might be!!!  And Pauline, here is a small glimpse of part of my workspace!!!  Hee! Hee!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kaaren's Block is Done and Mailed

I got Kaaren's block completed before the big moving process and couldn't find a pigma pen before packing everything up and the I couldn't find the block until yesterday, so I finally got it completed and mailed off this morning!!

The fabric in the middle is a woven fabric and even though I used sandpaper behind to stabilize it, it was still very difficult to write on.  If you want to see other blocks that have been completed and sent to Allie click here.  It sounds like Allie is going to have enough blocks to make three quilts!!  That is a lot of love from blogville!!
Enjoy your day, everyone!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christmas in July Giveaway!!

Wow, it has been two weeks since I started the big part of our move.  My Dad and I are now out of the apartment and into the new house.  I have been to Colorado to pick up Regena and we are back and trying to figure out how to get two house fulls of stuff into one house!!

Since I am back I wanted to have a Christmas in July giveaway!!  So, just stop by and say hi with a comment and you can win this charm pack of Moda's Me&My Sister Design's READY, SET, SNOW!!.  And if you are already a follower or become one, just let me know and you will get two chances!!  I will pick a winner July 31st!!

It is good to be back and one of the first rooms I got completed is my sewing room!!!  Oh, yeah!