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From No Quilts to Working More Than I Ever Imagined!!

When I got my longarm, Martha last summer, I was sooooo excited!!  And then I started TRYING to quilt some charity quilts for practice.  Yikes!!  The learning curve was so steep that after 6 months I really wondered what I had gotten myself into.  But I kept plugging along.  Finally, a gal who took one of my cards at a quilt show called and asked if I would quilt her quilt!!  Oh, no, now what do I do?

I struggled through it and she was happy enough to bring me another.  This morning she picked up #4 and brought me #5!!  I had to tell her I would not have it done until way into July!!

Now, I love it and I have so many quilts I ordered a clothes rack and some wooden hangers so I could organize the quilts!!

Here is the last one I finished!!

And this is the one on Martha today that I will get finished so the Client can get it in time to bind and give her hubby for Father's Day!!

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Last of the Rogue Valley Quilt Show Quilts . . .

This one was amazing!!  The quilting on it made the quilt!!

This one is another one with at least a million pieces in it.  I understand it may be next year's raffle quilt!!

Close-up of the quilt above!!

I love all these Crabapple quilts!!

That's the last of the ones I took pictures of.  There were lots more!!  It was a wonderful show!!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

More Quilts From the Rogue Valley Quilt Show . . .

I tried to post these yesterday but we did not have internet.  Actually, it went out just as I was creating the post!!  ENJOY!!

First, these were all the Raffle Baskets and there were some amazing baskets full of all kinds of goodies!!

This was one of the beautiful decorations all through the show area.

This quilt was amazing!!

Close-up of the quilt above!!

Loved this Halloween quilt!!

This Edgar Allen Poe quilt was my favorite!!

Hot Diggity Dog Diggity!!

These blocks in this quilt were so clever!! Click on the picture so you can read all the clever sayings!!

Here is my favorite block in the quilt above!!

Last quilts tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

This Past Weekend I Was in Grants Pass . . .

at the Rogue Valley Quilters Quilt Show.  And just like last year, it was fabulous!!  The gals in the Guild are wonderful and the quilts were amazing.

But before I show you some Quilty eye candy, I want to show you where we stayed ~

This was the view from our room ~

And this was the backyard ~

That is the Rogue River walking distance from our room!!

Better than a motel 6!!

Now, some of the amazing quilts!!

I'll show more tomorrow!!