Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

This is what Has Been Keeping Me Busy . . .

for the past few months.

It was supposed to be for a baby blessing but something came up and the blessing was given a week early and I did not know it was going to happen.  I told Ashley she can save it for her next baby blessing!!

Since they were not going to be able to use it for AT LEAST nine more months (LOL!!) I found this beautiful archival box to store it in while it waits for the next baby!!

Ashley cried when she saw it!!  It really did turn out beautifully!!  And very soft!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Winners of Pollie's Giveaway!!

The Winners are:
Michele T.
Ashley W.
Becky M.

Thank you to everyone that played along and email me with your snail mail address and the $25.00 in goodies you would like from my Etsy shop, Lavender Quilts!!  I have added lots of new Kaffe Fassett and Moda fabrics!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Peonies ~

I have always loved Peonies in the garden and seed catalogs but I don't think in all my years I have ever seen a real one in bloom ~

until yesterday!!  I went to visit a friend and she had this gorgeous bush in her front yard full of blooms!!  I asked her if I might have a bloom and she said take all you want!!  So I took three!!  Aren't they fabulous?

LuAnn told me cool thing about Peonies - she said watch out for the ants because Peonies are healthier when ants are around.  So, I went to and read the following:

  Do not try to get rid of the ants on your peonies. This is a natural and temporary activity. It is believed that peonies produce small amounts of nectar and other ant attractants to encourage ants to help in opening the dense double flower buds found in many peonies. The ants may be found covering certain varieties and avoiding others, this is totally normal. 
      Once the buds have opened the ants will disappear - also normal. 
      Some people think ants are REQUIRED to open the flowers, but this does not to appear to be true. 
      It seems a debatable question whether ants are beneficial or harmful. I think they are neutral. 
      Should you spray a pesticide to get rid of the ants? That is a definite no. Since the ants are not harmful and some pesticide residues are harmful, why endanger yourself, the plants or thepeony's pollinator (good insects) with poisonous sprays? 
Just don't spray. 
       Instead just enjoy the unique interaction of ants and peonies; an evolutionary effect thousands of years in the making and posing no problems in the long run.