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From No Quilts to Working More Than I Ever Imagined!!

When I got my longarm, Martha last summer, I was sooooo excited!!  And then I started TRYING to quilt some charity quilts for practice.  Yikes!!  The learning curve was so steep that after 6 months I really wondered what I had gotten myself into.  But I kept plugging along.  Finally, a gal who took one of my cards at a quilt show called and asked if I would quilt her quilt!!  Oh, no, now what do I do?

I struggled through it and she was happy enough to bring me another.  This morning she picked up #4 and brought me #5!!  I had to tell her I would not have it done until way into July!!

Now, I love it and I have so many quilts I ordered a clothes rack and some wooden hangers so I could organize the quilts!!

Here is the last one I finished!!

And this is the one on Martha today that I will get finished so the Client can get it in time to bind and give her hubby for Father's Day!!

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