Friday, June 7, 2019

From No Quilts to Working More Than I Ever Imagined!!

When I got my longarm, Martha last summer, I was sooooo excited!!  And then I started TRYING to quilt some charity quilts for practice.  Yikes!!  The learning curve was so steep that after 6 months I really wondered what I had gotten myself into.  But I kept plugging along.  Finally, a gal who took one of my cards at a quilt show called and asked if I would quilt her quilt!!  Oh, no, now what do I do?

I struggled through it and she was happy enough to bring me another.  This morning she picked up #4 and brought me #5!!  I had to tell her I would not have it done until way into July!!

Now, I love it and I have so many quilts I ordered a clothes rack and some wooden hangers so I could organize the quilts!!

Here is the last one I finished!!

And this is the one on Martha today that I will get finished so the Client can get it in time to bind and give her hubby for Father's Day!!


Jenny said...

Looks like you have gone from newbie to accomplished long arm quilter, congratulations!

Janet O. said...

Good for you, Kris! I am glad you have found your groove with Martha, and that customers are keeping you busy!

elliek said...

Well done Kris. They look wonderful.