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Veterans' Quilts, Ice Dying and Lorelei

This has been a good week!!  Our Guild is working on the last Alaska Veterans' quilt.  We have been making quilts for almost 2 years for Alaska's Healing Hearts Retreat and the gals at Guild are ready to move onto a new "cause".

This last one is going to be gorgeous!!  Sally was the host for this last quilt.  Guild members make the blocks, she will assemble the top and I will quilt and bind it.  These are the 5 blocks I made for the quilt.

These next pictures show part of the ice dying process ~

The picture below is where I added the dye BEFORE the ice.

And then here are the other 3 containers with ice first and then dye sprinkled on top of the ice.  I wanted to see if there was a difference in the end result using the two different methods.  

After washing out the dye on all the pieces, it seemed like the piece where I sprinkled the dye right on the fabric and then the ice on top was not as bright as the other pieces.  It seemed a little dull.

And here is this week's progress on Lorelei ~

Continuing weekly progress can be seen HERE.

For the love of Blogging, see you next time!!