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Ice-Dyed Projects!

I am having so much fun dying all kinds of fabric.  Now I am starting to make some goodies with this gorgeous stuff!!

First, a friend of mine has a new walker and she had a little metal basket that kept falling off when she closed it up to put in the car.  So, I put together a cute, usable bag for her.

I also dyed some little onesies and they turned out pretty cute!

Then I cut up some of the dyed fabric and made some different blocks but they were not too exciting.  I think I have decided that the fabric needs to stay in larger pieces for the most part.  Cutting it up seems to take away the overall beauty.

Well, they say you are never too old!!  So, I decided to try something new.  I applied for the position of the Oregon Territory Sales Rep for :

and I got it!!  We received our training via Zoom yesterday and today; I got my sales tools via UPS this afternoon and I am going to see my first quilt shop on Tuesday after the three day weekend!!

Looking forward to a new season my in life!!

For the love of blogging, see you next time!!