Friday, July 22, 2011

Working in Beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado!!

Monday night a client and dear friend of mine called me and asked if I would come to Colorado Springs (from St. George, UT) to help him get organized with some stuff he and his sweet wife, Genie are going through.  I got a ticket and got here Wednesday afternoon.  After feeding me like a queen and watching the Rockies beat the Atlanta Braves, I got in bed and then started out yesterday morning fast and furious!!

Yesterday was a silver bullet, banner day and now today will be the frustrating day to start the long haul of getting everything organized.

I wanted to take the time to stop in and catch up on all my wonderful blogging friends!!  And to let you know that amazing as it is, my little blog is approaching 20,000 visits!!  Holy cow, who would have ever thought??  Well, in order to celebrate I am going to have a BIG giveaway and I will announce it as soon as I get home next week - not sure which day cuz not sure how long it is going to take to organize all these files.


And thank you all for your kind comments on the The Christmas in July Giveaway that is currently under way!!  I just love this quilting community!!  Enjoy your day!!  And stay cool wherever you might be!!


Pauline said...

20,000 visits? Wow, but then again that doesn't surprise me, I enjoy dropping by to read your blog like lots of other people!

Now you'll have to explain that 'silver bullet, banner day' cos its got me stumped. That's a good thing when you have one of those, right? Hmm, might have to start using that phrase, if I can remember it off the top of my head (might have to write it on my hand!)

Chris said...

Denver is a beautiful city :) If you get the chance, go to the Great American Quilt Factory. Great shop.
Have a safe trip home.

nrnoodle said...

there is some great quilt shops here in the Springs. I have lived here for the last 11 months and I really enjoy the weather. If you have time visit my favorite Quilt Shop in town. Ruth's Stichery. 4440 Austin Bluffs Parkway.
There is also a great knitting shop that is going out of business and has some fabulous deals. It is called Knitters Kove located at 1817 N Union Blvd # F. I hope you enjoy your time here.