Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kaaren's Block is Done and Mailed

I got Kaaren's block completed before the big moving process and couldn't find a pigma pen before packing everything up and the I couldn't find the block until yesterday, so I finally got it completed and mailed off this morning!!

The fabric in the middle is a woven fabric and even though I used sandpaper behind to stabilize it, it was still very difficult to write on.  If you want to see other blocks that have been completed and sent to Allie click here.  It sounds like Allie is going to have enough blocks to make three quilts!!  That is a lot of love from blogville!!
Enjoy your day, everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I like the block. I'm thinking about organizing a little swap on my blog of siggie blocks like this one with my blog friends if they're interested. Would make a nice memory quilt.

Anonymous said...

PS, may I copy your photo of the block for my own personal use only so I can refer back to it? And, would you mind sharing the pattern instructions for making it this size? I would really apreciate it. Thanks in advance, and if you can't, it's ok. :))