Monday, November 27, 2017

Lots of Extra Fabric on Hand!!

When I signed up to be a vendor at the Portland Quilt Expo in September, I was told that I would be so busy that I would not get a chance to sit down for the entire three days!!  NOT!!

I bought lots and lots of Bella Solids because that is my lost leader at $6.00 a yard!!  And now I have an excess of Moda Bella Solids in several different colors.  So, I thought I would offer my blogging friends a good deal just in time for Christmas.

Here are the colors I have:

9900 12 - Natural

9900 128 - Stone

9900 98 - Bleached White
9900 170 - Etchings slate

9900 200 - Off White
This is the exact same color as the Kauffman Kona Snow

9900 242 - Linen

9900 11 - Snow

9900 284 - Charcoal

This is a wonderful weight premium muslin and it retails for up to $7.99 a yard.  I would like to offer it for $5.00 a yard with shipping for the first yard at $2.99.  I will calculate the shipping if you buy more than one yard and if you buy 5 yards or more, I will pay the shipping, Priority Mail.

Just leave a comment with the color(s) and amount(s) you would like and I will send you a Paypal invoice!  Shipping is next day after invoice is paid!!  Thanks so much for your support!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Could I get 10 yards of the black and 10 yards of the charcoal??

Ruth K. said...

Could I order 2 yards of black, 2 yards of off white, 3 yards of linen, and 2 yards of natural? Thank you.

Kris said...

Good morning, Ruth K. Thank you for your order!! I have no way to contact you. Would you email me at akyoung49 at yahoo dot com so I can send you an invoice?

KatieQ said...

I would like to have 6 yards of Linen, 6 yards of Natural, and 3 yards of Stone. Thank you for the lovely sale and thanks to Sharon who spread the word on her blog.

Roxanne said...

Kris, I’m way late following up on your offer. Holidays! Are you still doing this?