Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Have Gotten a Bit of Sewing Done and a Giveaway!!

We are at a point now where we are just waiting for the roofer to have a couple of good days where he can come and work on the Studio roof, so Saturday and yesterday I did a bit of sewing!!  Woo! Hoo!!

I have a million, well, maybe not a million but 100s and 100s of the mini Charm Packs - the little guys that are 2-1/2 inches square.  Janet O. over at Rogue Quilter's favorite kind of size!!  So I was trying to figure out how to use them efficiently.

By adding 12 extra squares that I cut in addition to 2 mini Charm Packs, I was able to make 6 - 16 patch blocks ~

This collection is Pondicherry by French General.  I made them leader-end style and at the 2-square stage I tried to pick squares that contrasted with each other.

I am quite pleased at how they turned out and I have enough collections to pick from that I can just keep making blocks from different collections that will coordinate with these blocks and before you know it (yeah right, not at my speed) I should have a new queen-size quilt for my bed!!

Because I have sooooooooo many packs of these little goodies, I would like to share some with three different quilters!!

So, here are the GAME RULES:

For each of the three rules below, you will get one change in the lottery!!

1.   Leave a comment telling me 2 things - 1) what style of collection (i.e. French General; Dark and Dirty aka Civil War; Patriotic; Contemporary, etc.) you would want to have if you win and 2) if you were to make a queen-size quilt, would you sash between the blocks or just randomly sew blocks together.  And for those of you that found this post on Facebook, please let me know that too, will you?

2.   Follow me if you don't already and if you do, tell me you do.

3.   In the upper-right hand corner of my blog is a link to my renovation blog - Bandon-by-the-Sea, click on that link and check out my progress.  Leave a comment on ANY of the posts.

ALL three rules must be completed in order to have a chance in the drawing.

I will be giving each of the THREE winners THREE Mini Charm Packs of their choice plus a mini spool of Aurifil thread so your blocks will be perfect!!!!

Giveaway will close Saturday, November 18th at midnight.  Mr. Random Number Generator will pick the winners the next Monday morning!!

NOTE: If you are a no-response commenter, please leave and email address where I can reach you if you are one of the winners!!

Good luck and have fun!!


Anonymous said...

I love French age real and repro fabric. I follow your blog and actually tell you when you miss a Saturday smile. I also have watch with awe your renovations. You are one gutsy lady to undertake what you are doing. I especially liked the tip about the wallboard being recycled. Would love the minis.

Dotti in Ct

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that I usually use sashing on a large quilt.

Nancy said...

Your blocks look great, Kris. I'm amazed at how many charm packs you have! I think I would definitely sash a queen-size quilt but size of sashing would depend on the blocks. I'm all over the place when it comes to fabrics I love and use. Just now I'm leaning toward 1800s reproductions. I follow your blog on feedly and bloglovin' and I'm also a follower on Google FriendConnect. Your studio is coming along so well and will be so wonderful. Lucky you!

Cheryl said...

Oh, your quilt is going to be just beautiful! I think if I were to win, I would prefer the French General or anything that has some gingham and/or country-looking fabrics thrown in. I love shabby chic and anything old and primitive looking! I never know exactly what to call it. I would just sew the pieces together without the sash between the blocks, more than likely. I actually already follow both of your blogs and keep up with your progress on your beautiful project! I can't wait to see it when it is all done! You all have done an amazing job on it! I'm heading over there to leave you a comment. Thanks so much for the chance to win and for your generous heart! God bless you, Kris!

wendy said...

I would prefer 1800 reproduction or French or something with color- you know me :). I follow you. I am amazed all that you do- it makes me exhausted. You are amazing. I sure do miss you! I think I would randomly put them together.

Michele T said...

My tastes lean towards Contemporary style. I would sash the blocks but first see how they look without it. I came here from your FB page and follow you via Bloglovin. I have also left a comment n your last blog post.

Anonymous said...

I just like little pieces of fabric. Mostly I use contemporary colors when quilting for my own tastes, but I also have a good collection of repro fabrics just waiting for the right person to come along. Because I enjoy the postage stamp look I probably wouldn't sash a quilt. I might, though, do alternating squares--prints and background.

Janarama said...

I would use sashing with the blocks, setting them on point. I tend to gravitate to bright contemporary colors and also patriotic fabrics.

Janarama said...

I follow your blog via Google Friends Connect.

Janet O. said...

Are you kidding, Kris? I cut up 2 1/2" squares!! LOL
This is a wonderful quilt you are creating. I am actually rather obsessed with the idea of making a quilt from large blocks, lately. I'm just not acting on the impulse.
I like to sash blocks for large quilts because it makes the quilt bigger with less blocks. Oh, I am lazy!!
I'm not good at following rules, but I'll give it a try here.
1) I like bright, modern fabrics. Ha Ha--kidding!! You know--dark and dirty AND also patriotic.
2) I follow you on Google Friend Connect. I just won't follow you to Oregon.
3) Do you really want me to go leave a second comment on one of your Bandon posts? I am such a trial to you, aren't I? :)

Sharon J. Hughson said...

I'd pick contemporary.

Sharon J. Hughson said...

I follow you on Bloglovin.

Sharon J. Hughson said...

I like seeing the progress of the building and I left a comment on one of the posts once I figured it out.

Stephanie said...

Good morning, my friend! My, what a lovely little giveaway you have going {{smiles}} And I must tell you that your blocks are beautiful! I love the colors and fabric choices.

I follow you, dear friend, and as for the style...I think I like the French General. Would I or wouldn't I add sashing between the squares...I guess it would depend on my "mood" when I was sewing. HA :)

Thank you for the opportunity to win. Love and hugs to you!

Rebecca said...

Contemporary color and collection.
And as for the sashing or not.... depending on my stash sash some of the blocks with 2 1/2 inch and leave others plain..... and see where we wind up!

JoJo said...

Ahhh....I so admire the civil war colors. I follow both of your blogs. As to whether to sash or not.....well, I think I probably would just so my eye would have a restful area to stop and contemplate before jumping onto the next group! LOL