Thursday, July 14, 2022

I Think She's Got It!!

YAY!!  I finally figured out a way to get points on my Churn Dash SAL that I have joined over at ChookyBlue.

On my first block I tried making a block the traditional way.  And I lost the corners.  I blogged about this method HERE.

Then I thought - hmmmm - paper piecing the block would give me the points I wanted.  Well, I went onto Youtube and found a video for the paper-piecing method where you do not have to take the paper pieces off after finishing the block. Yay, Janet!!).  I thought, well that should work.  So, I purchased her PDF templates and I couldn't figure that one out either.  Getting a couple of points and losing a tiny part of some points.  Onward!!

I tried making my own template but goofed it up, soooooooooo, no points!!

Then, I sat down and made an ACCURATE template and happy days all around!!  Hoo! Hoo!!

Now, with 3 of June's blocks done and 5 more under construction, I will have June's blocks all complete before the end of July and July's blocks can move forward to the July finish line!!

I am on a batik rampage, so I am working on another batiks project.  A vanishing 9-patch.  I call mine vanishing instead of disappearing because I don't cut each 9-patch into 4 sections and then after turning 2 sections, sew them back together.

Instead, I cut all the 9-patch blocks into forths, put them in a basket , toss them around, and then then pull 4 sections out randomly and sew those 4 sections together.  More scrappy!!

After I got all 20 blocks prepped to sew together, I was missing one 1/4 section!!  How does that happen?
So, before putting it up on my design wall to make sure I liked the layout, I spent a couple of hours straitening up my sewing room to see if I could find it!!  No, luck, so I put up what I had ~

Then last night, when I was emptying my trash basket to take out to the garbage, I found that little 1/4 section hiding under the basket!!  The nerve!!

Now, onto sewing it together!!  YAY!!  Just what I need - another quilt top!!

And last, but not least, our Christmas in July Art & Craft went well.  Day 2 was much better than day one but most of the vendors signed up to sell in our Kris Kringle Bazaar in November!!  And this is the winner of the Drawing Quilt, Harley, wrapped in her darling Grandma's embrace!!

For the love of blogging, see you next time!!


Chookyblue...... said...

So pleased to hear your now happy with your blocks...... You got to be happy with how you make then..... Lovly disappearing nine patch.....

Janet O. said...

Oh, I am so glad you figured out a method that works for you!
Who doesn't love a good batik rampage? I'm kind of wishing I had a batik project going right now. That is a pretty funny story about your little 1/4 block. It must have heard it was part of a "vanishing 9-patch" and decided to live up to its name and vanish. ;) It is a very happy, color saturated quilt.
Look at the cute winner of that quilt. Glad to hear things went well--and hope your November event goes even better!