Thursday, August 30, 2018

Well, It Took Me forever . . .

but I finally finished my Swap quilt for Janet O. over at Rogue Quilter.

If you follow Janet's blog at all you know she is the Queen of Miniature Quilts and I do mean miniature!!  I guess I have been a bit busy since the beginning of the year, but even more than that, I had a really hard time making this quilt for Janet.  I knew she loved nine-patches and really liked them on point, so that is where I started.

First, this is the darling quilt she sent me along with some other wonderful goodies, including some great scissors that I am sorry to say are somewhere between the house, the Cottage and the new Retreat and so I don't have a picture of them.

EDIT!!  Found my fun new scissors IN THE HOUSE!!

And here is the quilt Janet made for me in the swap ~

Did I mention how tiny this quilt really is?  About 7" by 9", so you can figure out just how small each of those nine-patches are!!

So, since my miniature quilt turned out a LOT larger than this one, I named it the "Big Mini".  Actually a friend suggested the name and I thought it was perfect!!

Even my label looks huge compared to Janet's whole quilt!!  LOL!!

So, here is the quilt I sent to Janet ~

In retrospect, after seeing a picture of this quilt, I wish I had added some borders to it or at least completed the binding in a contrasting fabric.

I did fussy cut the full blocks ~

and that was fun!!

So, here is why Janet's new quilt is the "Big Mini" ~

I didn't think Janet was going to get her package until today but apparently she got it yesterday, so you can see her post HERE.  Hope one day we can swap again - maybe after my renovation looks like a home and not a construction zone!!


Janet O. said...

I think it is really fun that we each did on point 9-patch quilts for the other.
Yes, the package arrived yesterday, and I meant to email right away and thank you profusely. With visiting family consuming my day, I am not keeping other priorities in line well. So sorry I neglected you. I LOVE my "big mini" (LOL). And the rest of the package was over-the-top generous!
Thank you for swapping, and I hope as you continue with your home improvements (especially the electrical), that nothing shocking occurs!

Denise :) said...

I think it's *hilarious* that you both did 9-patch blocks on point for each other! It's wonderful! I'm glad you found your scissors...they're really pretty...they're PURPLE! We should schedule a swap, Kris! When things are semi settled for you Kris, if you're interested, let me know!!! :) ♥

Stephanie said...

These are amazing, my friend! Wow, they are tiny and oh-so-cute! Love them :)

Hugs to you, dear Kris!

elliek said...

Love the swap and wow peacovk feathered scissors... so pretty