Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More Newport Quilt Show Quilts . . .

I think this is one of my very favorite shows because there are so many quilts and they are all fabulous.  Here are a few more of my favorites ~

These fireflies were amazing.  The way the artist used the yellow in the middle really made it look like they were flying toward a light!!

This one I took especially for Janet O over at Rogue Quilter!!  She LOVES miniature quilts and this one is about 14" by 14".  Ok, Janet, here is a challenge for you!!  :-)

This is a close-up of the one above.  The stitching is a cart above the horses!!  This was an amazing piece!!

This cute couple was walking past my booth so I ran to take a picture of them they were soooooo cute together.  After chatting with them for a few minutes, the hubby said that his sweet wife and he used the word sweet was one of the original founders of the Newport Quilt Show!!

Hope you enjoyed all the gorgeous quilts!!



Oh my goodness--what beautiful quilts--my favorites are the first 10 you showed--and that dragon fly one is just sooooo pretty--I want to make on of those!!!
A lot of hours and hard work went into each one of those quilts--
and yes they are a sweet couple--thanks for sharing--
enjoy, di

Anonymous said...

That firefly quilt was a kit from Keepsake Quilting, precut, put onto an ombré fabric. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

Kris said...

Thanks Jill for that great info on the firefly quilt!! It was absolutely stunning!!

Janet O. said...

Some really nice quilts in this show.
Thanks for the mini. :) Was it even quilted, or just pieced and sandwiched? Hard to tell. I like the way she put star points on the tree blocks.
That firefly quilt does glow from within--cool!
Love the elderly couple together. That will be hubby and I very soon--but I didn't found any quilt shows. LOL

deb said...

Stunning! Thanks for sharing...