Friday, August 10, 2018

Newport Quilt Show

was last weekend and there were some of the most extraordinary quilts displayed!!  Here are a few of my favorites ~

This darling quilt is the one that hung right across from my booth!!  Love the quilting!!

I think a lot of folks loved the flamingos because it had it picture taken many, many times!!  And look at ALL the ribbons!!

I just love the sweetness of this quilt!!  It makes me want to wrap up in it with a good book!

Lots and lots of batiks!!  The Newport girls love their batiks!!

I had seen a quilt like this on on Facebook but to see it up close was a real treat!!  Very modern, but very fun!!

More batiks!!

Simple but great colors!!

One of my very favorites!!

And I want to make one like this some day - some day!!

Hope you have enjoyed these quilts!!  More to come next week!!


Janet O. said...

The flamingos are very cute, but the last three are probably my favs. I tease myself that I will make a New York Beauty one day, but I'm just teasing. :)
I like the one you plan to make. Maybe that is more realistic for me.
How is the wiring coming? No sparks flying, I hope!

deb said...

Really stunning! Thanks for sharing...