Monday, October 31, 2016

Lots of Progress and the Cubs Live for Another Day!!

Well, the Cubs won last night and no game tonight - Halloween night!!  It's a travel day.  Game 6 is tomorrow night in Cleveland!!

36 inches across - October 30th
Since my last Rag Rug sighting, an additional 10 inches have been added to the Rug!!  
Oh, happy day!!

26 inches across - October 25th
??? inches across - October 19th


KaHolly said...

It's coming right along! I love it! How big would you like it to be? XO

Janet O. said...

And you get another game to help it grow!
Loving the socks, my dear! : )

elliek said...

The rug is growing slowly but surely. The tortoise won the race.

lej619 said...

love your rag rug!!! question how are you keeping track of where you need to start increasing? and how do you know how to increase and all that ???

Denise :) said...

Go Cubs! Did you stay up and watch the whole game?!? :)