Monday, October 3, 2016

Ashley Finished Her Sister's Quilt!!

Whoo!!  Hoo!!  About 2 years ago, my cute young neighbor Ashley came over and asked if I would teach her to quilt!!  I love it when these young girls want to carry on our wonderful tradition of quilting.

She was diligent in coming over every Saturday morning and learning the techniques and each of the steps until they moved to Michigan 8 months ago.  And that was with 2 young, young children!!
#3 is going to be here next month!! 

Here is the culmination of the quilt she designed and pieced for her Sister's wedding gift!!

We unveiled it last night as she had not seen it since it had been quilted.  My friend Tammy quilted it for her and did a wonderful job!!

Sam, Ashley's husband was just amazed at how gorgeous it is!!

I had the ultimate privledge of binding it for her!!

Way to go, Ashley, you did a fantastic job!!


Janet O. said...

You are so good to help others learn, Kris. Ashley can be very proud of that beautiful quilt!!

elliek said...

Beautiful quilt and all kudos to her teacher. Well done to you both.