Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life Has Been Crazy . . .

for me since mid-June when I bought the little house on the Oregon Coast.  Due to alot of ups and downs on the roller coaster of life, this particular ride ended a week or so ago and I am staying in Logan for now.

So, I have started getting caught up by unpacking everything that I had started packing and all the things I just threw into boxes so we could "stage" the Logan house to sell and all the stuff down in my studio that had to be moved out into the other rooms downstairs so we could get new carpet put in for the new buyer!!  Yikes, I am getting tired just writing about it!!

I did sit down last night and this morning though and got some past-due hand sewing done.  I finished the two June Hexagon Flowers for Krystyna in the United Kingdom.  It felt really good!!

I was on hiatus from the Swap from August through October, but now Debbie is putting me back on the list in November.  I am working on the row around each of the flowers I have received through the years (you can see the Flowers I have received HERE).


Janet O. said...

I agree--your life has been crazy lately! Hope things can settle and that you can find peace with the current circumstances.
I love that thought on your sidebar!

KaHolly said...

So much to do, and consider! When it's all over, it will have well been worth it! XO

Kimmy J said...

Maybe, just maybe, you are needed here for a little bit longer. The thought of your smile always brightens my day!