Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Live, Love, Breathe!!!

This is the name of the beautiful hand-made necklace I just received from Mandy Saile of BIJOU'S WHIMSY.  This incredable young woman does some amazing work and I fell in love with several of her pieces.  This is the one I got - lucky me!!!
After opening the package from her, I wanted to leave some feedback at her Etsy store where I purchased the necklace.  So, I went to her blog, Bijou's Whimsy, to find her Etsy store to leave the feedback and I saw that she has this great give-a-way!!

This is an original piece - a lino-cut which has been hand-burnished/printed onto beautifully textured/soft Stonehenge paper and then some colour was added with coloured pencils and a bit of gold paint.
Interested in having a chance at winning this wonderful piece on October 28th?  Check out Mandy's give-a-way page HERE to win!!!


Mandy Saile said...

Oh wow Kris, this is such a surprise, thank you SO SO much for showing and talking about my work so kindly, wow, ha ha. I am so glad your happy with the necklace, your welcome in my shop anytime lovely lady:D and you've been entered abunch of times for the draw, good luck:D I'll be back to visit for sure...be well and thanks again so much, you've totally made my day:D XO.

Nancy said...

That is a pretty necklace. I love sunflowers and that looks a little like one to me.