Sunday, October 17, 2010

Its a Beautiful New Day!!

Several years ago my dear friend Regena gave me bunnie gift and she said this is to add to your collection.  I promptly said, "I don't have a bunnie collection," and she proceeded to show me bunnie after bunnie after bunnie in my home and in my garden.  Oh my gosh, I have been collecting bunnies for years!! 
Then several years later I married a guy who showed bunnies as a hobby.  Small world - although I am no longer married to that guy (no more said) and during the short period of time I was married to him, I hated that all those beautiful bunnies just sat in cages all day long waiting to be feed.  I was not allowed to hold them in my arms or play with them outside their cages or even pet them when they were in their cages.  But it has always been a dream to have some pet bunnies some day and it is so fun that some of the blogs I follow are also huge bunnie lovers!!

Well, I have been visiting some of my favorite blogs this morning and it is so great to see the talented and wonderful folks that are out there in the world!!  A couple of the bloggers are real bunnie lovers and they have both inspired me to work harder to get a place where I can have those sweet bunnies and now, I plan to make those little bunnies be rescue bunnies just like my sweet puppy dog Pollie.

Pollie and I became mother and daughter two summers ago when I found her in a rescue that kept 25 dogs in the house and had about another 2 dozen outside in kennels.  Pollie is commonly known as a Catahoula but her full name is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.  Pollie is my very best friend!!!
Thanks to each and every blog master I visit for really making my day full of fun and for supporting me in my passions of quilting and blogging!!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love your personal posting. I think all quilters collect (other than fabric) and have a loving pet. I have cute little piggies/banks and love my red-head furry (tabby)who "cat-scans" all my quilts. You're a sweetie!