Saturday, October 9, 2010

2 - Hour Lap Quilt Top!!!

When I got my "Collection for a Cause" kit last week, I also got a "Layer Cake" of fabric in the same collection.  In the event you have not seen a "Layer Cake" pack, it is an assortment of fabrics from a collection that is pre-cut into 10" squares.  There are typically 40 squares in the packet. 
On the back of the pack is a page that gives you ways that you can slice a layer cake.
After looking at all the different ways to cut the fabric, I decided that I was going to see what a quilt would look like if I just kept the 10" squares intact and sewed them together randomly.  Here is what I got:
I like the look and I think after it gets quilted, it will be a fun place to snuggle under with a hot chocolate and a good book.  A friend of mine quilted a lap quilt like this one using a Minkee-type fabric on the back and oh, my, its wonderful!!!

And the best thing - this quilt top took about 2 hours to complete!!! 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I have made one of those also! Your fabrics are great. It's great to finish a quilt like this in such a short time. :) Thanks for sharing, Carolyn


Wow you have been busy, how are your classes going ? I love the quilt such a pretty collection Jenni

Allie said...

I love quilts with big blocks like that--how fun! My family insist that all of our cuddle quilts having minkie on the back.
Great quilt!