Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pat - The Best Aunt Around!!

This is my Aunt Pat!!  She has the best sense of humor and she sent this cute little paperdoll of herself to my Dad awhile back.  This is how she looked when she was a young woman.  It is so fun, I thought I would share it with you!!
Aunt Pat also sent me this darling doll "just because" she knew how much I love quilting!!
And then she sent me this purse that is made out of a bunch of zippers. It's hard to see the individual zippers but I would say there are about a dozen zippers sewn together and the strap is a zipper.  Its very clever.

There is a lady in one of my quilting groups that saves zippers. I have tried to find the emails from all the women who sent her zippers but for some reason I am not finding them. If anyone knows who the Zipper Lady is, would you email me or leave a comment so I can send this purse to her??

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