Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh my goodness, where in the world did this past week go??  It just flew past me quicker than any week so far!!!  Plus, this weekend was full, full, full!!  Saturday morning was my great niece Lauren's last soccer match!  Alas, they lost but it it was lots of fun and with each game they get better and better!!  And the very best thing is that they are out in the fresh air and having fun.
This is Lauren after the game looking like a professional soccer play!!

Here are some action shots:

And here is the team at the end of the match toasting the winning team!!!
Good job girls, we'll see you next year!!!

After the match was over and Lauren showered so she could get the green out of her hair, Lauren, her Mom Michelle and I went off to a Mother/Daughterluncheon and craft day!!1 So much fun!! I only got a couple of pictures because I took so many of the soccer match that my battery just up and died on me. Here are some of the gals at the incredable lunch table filling up on homemade rolls, salads and cupcakes, plus a wonderful array of fruit!

And this is Michelle, Lauren's Mom discussing how to make sure all the girls got a chance to work on all three of the crafts they had planned for us!!

I only had time to make two of the projects. This first one is a necklace made from washers that have been punched with the letters of our choice. It took me a few pracice shots with the hammer to get the letters the way I wanted them and then I created these two darling necklaces:

Th other project I worked on was this darling ring made from satin ribbon that was singed on the egdes and layered with a jewel placed in the middle and a small hair holder cut to the size of the finger to be endowed with the ring and voila!!!

It was so much fun being around all these darling young girls and their mothers. I think there were a few grandmas there too!!!

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