Saturday, May 29, 2010

As I was out in my garden early this morning before it got too warm for comfort, I was thinking that when I moved here full-time just about a year ago from Colorado Springs I was going to hate it because of the heat that starts here in the month of May.  I managed to get through the hot season last year which lasted into October (air-conditioning really helps - LOL - something I never had in Colorado Springs).  This year, I think we have had it a bit cooler as my garden is still doing pretty good.  I am told that by the time it gets to be July, the garden pretty much is toast.  Sounds like a challenge to me!!!

Above is my artichoke plant.  I am thinking that there should be some kind of fun artichoke-looking thing coming out of the top.  Ya know, kinda like this:

I wonder, am I asking too much too early in the year???  Now remember, the St. George gardens start about two months before a lot of the country, so I would think my little plant should be looking sort of like Candace's by now.  Its the first time I have ever tried growing an artichoke so maybe I need a little patience!!!

Well, we'll see.  I'll keep you posted if anything does start looking a little artichoke-y.  On another note, I do have a couple of baby tomatoes on my tiny tomato plant, ready for picking in the next day or so!!  At least my little finger is pretty green!!!  :-)))

Enjoy your weekend!!

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