Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hills are Alive

My nephew, Brandon, and I left left the house here in St. George at 5:30 this morning to go pick apricots at the Church orchards in Hurricane.  Amazingly, it was already 90 degrees that early in the morning as we left St. George.  The orchards are a bit higher in altitude so it was a bit cooler up there as we parked and spent an hour plus picking fruit for the Church cannery.  I was astounded at how much fruit was on each tree!! 

After we finished picking for the Church, we were able to pick for ourselves from the trees where the fruit was too ripe to can.  We were each allowed 100 pounds!!  That is A LOT of apricots!!  Apricot jam, dried apricots, fruit leather, canned apricots, fresh apricots, apricot pie, apricot cobbler . . .
This is about three-quarters of what we picked for ourselves.

After we were done picking, Brandon had to go up to Springdale, which is a darling little town at the mouth of Zions Canyon National Park.  He is the supervisior on a gorgeous home being built up there.  And the views were incredible so I thought I would share them with you.
Can you imagine living in a home that has views like this EVERYWHERE you look??  It was an incredible morning!!!

And this is my nephew, Brandon.



Hi WOW is all I can say you have made me home sick on two counts. I miss the mountians. We used to pick apricots as kids for a man to sell at the market.(Mother did kids had to go ) Mother and FAther had apricot trees, yummy yummy . Miss all that. You are one lucky lady, have fun making it into preserves. Have a piece of toast and fresh Jam for me and an apricot pie too. What a blessing yummo ALso bread and jam and cream ohhhhhh I miss apricots.

judith lockhart said...

Thanks for sharing the Zion photos! We've been a few times and just love the area and the hikes! judith from GA