Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More New International Siggies Have Arrived!!!

This swap continues to be such fun!!!

This first Siggie is from Kristine Zerfuss who lives in the very northern part of Germany at the Schlei, which is an arm of the Baltic Sea.  She writes that since the Bronce Age, an ancient trackway from Denmark, the Ochsenweg (Ox Road), which was primarliy a trade road, passes through her village.  She also tells that the Vikings built the first and largest medival city in Northern Europe and that one can still see the famous earthen defensive walls and that there is a Viking Museum.

Kristine has invited me to come visit if I am ever lucky enough to be in her area!!  This swap allows for friendships to grow all over the world.

A last note from Kristine is that her Siggie is kind of a joke about her family's last name which means something like "strained foot" in German.  Thank you, Kristine, I love your Siggie

This next Siggie is from Lilo Kreuzer who lives in Switzerland. 

Lilo's note is all in her language so I do not know what it says, but her Siggie is darling and the Church, along with her name is machine stitched!!  Thank you, Lilo, your Siggie is wonderful!!!

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