Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Getting Ready for Our Art & Craft Bazaar

Our Quilt Guild is having a Christmas in July Art & Craft Bazaar July 1-2.  I have been trying to find some different things to make that use up a lot of the stash I have, both quilting stash and non-quilting stash.

This first project is a Friendship bracelet that uses a huge long piece of hard cording that did not work for the original project I bought it for, leftover batting from customer quilts, strings of batiks (that I have a million of) and some of the hundreds of DMC threads I have accumulated over the years!!

These are really fun to make and are a perfect project while watching night time TV.

On this next project I saw an advertisement for Washi Tape on Facebook.  I was intrigued and then bought some, not really knowing what to do with it.  I was walking past some short pieces of wood that Kelly was saving for some project and a "Hoo! Hoo!" moment crossed my mind:

These are small (2" x 4") blocks that I have covered with Washi Tape and Washi papers and lots of other fun things and then tied them with a piece of raffia and sealed them with wax!!  I'm hooked!! 

Then, I thought what else can I do with my DMC thread?  And when I walked into my bedroom to go to bed the other night and there hanging on the lamp was a tassel!!  Ah! Ha!!  So,  I made up a bunch of tassels!  I think I might add a small metal embellishment on them, but not sure yet!!  Another super fun project and wow, it uses a lot of thread!!  YAY!!

It's a start!!  I still have 3 lifetimes of stuff to use up and at this rate, I am not going to make it!!  But I am having a ball for now!

On to other things!  I LOVE paper piecing for 2 reasons:  1) it is fun to do, including pulling off the papers and 2) the results are usually perfect!!  Take this heart block that I made for a "Hug" quilt for a gal who fell coming through the door to our last Guild meeting and broke both her wrist and her arm.  Perfect, right?

Well, with the idea of perfection in mind, I am sooooo frustrated with the Churn Dash blocks I am TRYING to Make for Chooky Blues SAL (HERE).  Even with the paper piecing technique I am losing some of my points!! Grrrrrrrr!

I'll have to keep trying but at this rate I won't make the June deadline!!  

Until next time and for the love of Blogging!!  Kris

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Janet O. said...

Wow--I always knew you were crafty, but look at you go, girl! What Can't you make?!?
That is a beautiful pieced heart block!
I'll admit, I DO love the accuracy of foundation piecing--even though it involves removing all those little paper bits.
What's going on with the churn dash blocks?? Can we Facetime sometime and figure it out together? I'm free this afternoon (Thursday).