Friday, May 14, 2021

Heart Procedure and Planters . . .

This has been quite an interesting week!!  A week ago last Monday, I was supposed to have a Cardioversion because my heart has been in afib for the past 18 months.  Some people live with it for years and years without doing anything but I was ALWAYS tired, even after 9 hours of sleep and after a nap in the afternoon.  So, my wonderful Cardiologist said let's try Cardioversion.

Because of logistics, the Cardioversion didn't happen until yesterday.  But happen it did and I am happy to say that after two electrical zaps, my heart is back in rhythm!!  YAY!!  DOUBLE YAY!!

Here is where the electrical pad was attached to the front of my chest.  An identical one went on my back as well!!  It's like a sunburn and it itches!!

My sweet, sweet brother took me over to Eugene about 3 hours each way for the procedure and he drove the entire time!!  Thanks, Kelly!!

Earlier in the week, I asked Kelly if he would take apart a pallet so I could make a planter.

Well, you guessed it.  Kelly ended up making the planter and I am in love with it!!

We had enough wood to make a small planter to see how it would look before "we" made the planter I had in my head.!

Yup, it was fabulous so Kelly proceeded to make the real planter.

Now, how is that for a free planter - well, except for the 5 hours Kelly spent pulling the pallet apart (that was the hardest part), cutting everything to size and then screwing it all together!!  Ta Da!!

And look at our bee-you-tee-ful yard!!  Now to get this beauty planted!!  I used my Christmas gift card to get some lavender plants for the large planter and a Hazelnut geranium for the small planter!!  That's my treat for today to plant everything!!  Especially now that I have some more energy!!  Hoo!  Hoo!!

And this is the neighbor's lilac plant that hangs into our yard!!

Have a joyous weekend!!



So glad to hear that hopefully you are on the road to more energy--
nice looking planters--have fun planting in them==
luv, di said...

Wow that is interesting. My mom has been having problems with Afib and been in and out of the emergency room several times in the past month or so. I asked her if one of the treatments was a pacemaker. Right now they are messing with meds. Oh your yards looks gorgeous from what it was when you posted pictures starting out.

Janet O. said...

Oh, wow--I am so glad the cardioversion worked for you, Kris! Didn't know you'd been dealing with Afib. My Dad and brother had that problem. Dad's was controlled with meds. My brother had to have more invasive procedures.
I am praying you will continue to feel good and keep that normal heartbeat!!
Kelly did a beautiful job on the planters. And your yard is looking nice!

moosecraft said...

So glad you are feeling better!!! And that planter looks awesome!