Friday, May 21, 2021

A Friend's Quilt and . . .

 a newly planted planter!!

I LOVE This quilt!!  It is for a dear friend, Teri, who wanted a calming quilt to put at the end of her bed.  This quilt went through about 4 modifications before I was happy with it.

Below you can see the back.  It is also very calming!!  I will be putting it in the mail on Monday!!

This is the little planter that my brother, Kelly made for me!!  I put some Shasta Daisy plants in it that were given to me by a friend who was thinning out his herd!!

This darling Buddha sits in front of my Cottage to remind me to always be kind to others.  

And below is one of my iris that has bloomed so beautifully.  I think this is an Icelandic Iris.  In front of it are the 5 lavender plants I am going to put in the BIG planter that Kelly made for me.!!

Ha! Ha!  That little planter was so heavy that I could not move it off my planting table, so Kelly had to put it in place for me!!  The planter for the lavender is going to have to wait to be planted until I decided where it is going to go and stay because it will literally weigh a ton!!

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Janet O. said...

Oh, that quilt is very special, Kris. You do low volume so well. It really is calming.
The little planter looks very sweet.It will be beautiful with those daisies blooming. Beautiful iris. So unique!
The big planter full of lavender will be lovely. Nice little container gardens.