Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The End of the Year . . .

turned out to be a nice week.  First Christmas and then my birthday!!  My darling friend Janet from Rogue Quilter sent me a package that included a Christmas present and a birthday present!!  And man, what a fabulous surprise!!

She made me this gorgeous miniature quilt that matches another quilt that she made me a couple of years ago ~

Plus there was some of her wonderful soap and some yummy candy - chocolate - to round out a fun, fun package!!  Thanks Janet, you be da BEST!!

Then, while I was doing some cleaning the other day, I found this wonderful patriot miniature that Janet made for me in June, 2016.

I gave myself a belated Christmas and birthday present this past Monday of 3 hours of a professional electrician.  Soooooooo exciting.  Now, I have electricity in my Cottage where Martha my longarm resides plus a heater, so over the next couple of months, I am going to get the Cottage insulated and the beadboard up on the walls.  Then I can start hanging all the wonderful little miniature quilts I have collected!!

Finally, one of the gifts my brother Kelly gave me for Christmas was this darling garden art owl.  He sits on the bench outside of the Cottage watching over us as we come and go!!

Is he cute or what?  I haven't found a name for him yet, any suggestions?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I pray that 2019 is our best year yet!!


Kris said...

Happy New Year!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Happy belated birthday and happy New Year.

Janet O. said...

Glad you got your package, Kris. Hope you had a good birthday!
If you don't like coconut, I'm sorry. I just discovered that treat about the middle of last year and I thought it was yummy. But I have given it to a couple of other people at Christmas and one let me know they don't like coconut.
Oh, the gift to your self of an electrician was a wonderful thing to do! So glad you got lights and heat going in the cottage!!

moosecraft said...

Sweet gifts! A name for the owl? My first thought was Quilty....but, then I thought maybe George was better (to watch over Martha)...lol! Happy New Year!!!