Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Every Time I Load a Quilt onto Martha . . .

I learn something new.

And getting the patterns to work correctly has been my biggest challenge.  It's the "nesting" process that is just kicking my butt!! (Am I allowed to say "butt" in a blog post?)

As you can see this pattern did not snuggle up into the previous row and I did not see that until row two was complete and rolled onto the back roller so I could see the big gap on the back side.

So, I improvised and found another little pattern that I tweeted to go into each of the gaps!! It turned out really fun, but it is just so frustrating to add another 3 additional hours to a customer quilt!!

I am enjoying Martha for the most part now that I have learned so many things, but If I had known before buying a longarm that the learning curve was soooooooo steep, I am not sure I would do it again!!


Kris said...

This quilt got finished today and is ready for pickup!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I was shown to place the machine in the center with quilt a little slack. Find the high and low point of your panto by rollin machine forward/back to be sure your pattern is in correct position. click machine two stitches forward which is due to the tightness once the quilt is turned onto the bar. I mostly like to free hand from the front because I like to see the quilt as I work.

Mimi said...

Drop your needle into a spot that you just completed. Advance your quilt with the needle in the quilt until it reaches the corresponding pattern on the panto. Tighten up your quilt to the desired tightness for quilting and then if you have channel locks, make sure your laser light touches that same spot along the panto the full width of the quilt where you last quilted. Your next stitching line should be snugged up right where it should be. Your added quilting pattern is ingenious though. I love what you did, but I can see it being very frustrating for you. I am surprised your sales person did not show you how to do all this when you bought your machine. Good luck. I hope what I offered was understandable.