Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mystery Quilt!!

I am in a group on Facebook that is part of the group of gals I went to retreat with a couple of months ago down in gold Beach and Kim has this fun Facebook group called Quilt-A-Long.  She is getting us all ready for Mystery Quilt #9.  I am new to this group so this is Kris' Mystery Quilt #1.  We'll see!!  Last Mystery Quilt I started over 12 years ago I am finishing up (if I can find all the pieces) here in blogsville with Elm Street Quilt's program called OMG - One Monthly Goal.

Here are the fabrics I chose for this Mystery ~

The first Step (cutting the pieces) has been posted but I have been getting ready for a Quilt Show this coming weekend so it will have to wait until next week after Step 2 is posted on Sunday!!  E Gads, I am already behind!!  I think it will be fun - all of these fabrics came out of my stash!!  YAY!!

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Janet O. said...

You are a brave woman. I hope you love the final product--I like your fabric bundle.