Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I Have a Daily Visitor!!

So, I am still working on getting my Studio in order and while I was out there yesterday afternoon, I thought I heard a woodpecker!!  Now, I have not heard the sound of a woodpecker in many, many years but I was pretty sure that is what I was hearing.  I went outside and starting looking around.

And low and behold, there was a real woodpecker in the tree right next to the Studio!!

Can you see him there in the middle of the picture?  Sooooo much fun!!  Now I have two country sounds making me happy - this cute woodpecker and a rooster that not only crows in the early morning, but keepings crowing ALL day long!!  Pretty funny!!

Well, back out to work on the Studio this morning!!  Virtual quilt show coming tomorrow!!

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

Woodpeckers are great fun--until they start pecking holes in the shingles of your roof. May your resident woodpecker ever be content with the trees!! (That is an old Irish blessing.) LOL