Thursday, May 2, 2013

March Doll Quilt for Mary

Ok, so I am a little late on this one and I guess the April doll quilt is late too, but I am hoping that Mary has received her quilt and that she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for her!!

This is one that I tried the HSTs by sewing all the way around the sandwiched blocks and then cutting the block in 4ths.  I have always had an aversion to HSTs because everyone has always said they were so difficult.  So, when I saw this technique, I thought I would give my first ones a try.

I used some vintage Barbara Brackman Morris and Company fabrics and then got a chance to use my new sit-down long arm, Fred.  Actually, her full name is Fredericka II but Janet O. from Roque Quilter and I just call her Fred.  Janet is Fred's Godmother because if it weren't for Janet, Fred would not be living downstairs in the Studio.

Oh, boy, do I love this little baby!!  Now, it is just practice, practice, practice!!

And here you can see some of my quilting, it's still just meandering, but it is so much more fun on Fred than on my old machine!!


Melody said...

Such a fabulous doll quilt. I'm jealous - Fred looks fabulous

Nancy said...

Very nice HST quilt and I really like the looks of Fred. I know you will enjoy having him around.

Deanna said...

Great quilt! Glad to hear you are doing well with HST.

elliek said...

Fred looks like a great addition to your house. Glad that you have mastered the HST's My big fear used to be Y seams so what am I doing??? a Lemoyne star quilt!

Janet O. said...

Just catching up on some past posts from when I was AWOL.
Don't know if I should be honored or feel guilty about being responsible for Fred living at your studio. : )