Friday, May 17, 2013

Busy, Busy Week!!

Oh, wow, this has been such a busy week but I got a lot done!!

I finally got all 36 of Lynne's blocks done and in the mail!!  That was the biggest quilting project of my quilting career and I am thinking it might be the last huge project like that as it was so stressful to get it finished!!  Gratefully, Lynne was so nice about the job taking so long!!

Next, we got a real good start on my friend Chris's son and his new bride's wedding gift.  Chris does not sew but she is a dang good pinner!!

Then, I got all the 9-patches done for the baby shower gift.  When Shannon told me she wanted blue, brown and green, I said what??????  Yuk!!  But look what we found and it is going to be darling for her daughter that is coming into the world the end of June!!

And finally, I just about got Pat's April Doll Quilt done but then I decided I wanted to put sprinkles on the cupcakes, so I am keeping it until tomorrow and then off in the mail it goes!!

Now it is bedtime and I think I am going to sleep like a baby tonight!!

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

I get on your blog and I just play with the cursor so I can watch the little snowflakes fall. It is magical. : ) Then I remember to read what you've written.
You have been a busy lady.
I am loving that birthday runner. So festive! Sprinkles on the cupcakes will be a nice touch.