Friday, August 19, 2011

Working on a New Project Fast and Furious!!

When Regena moved in with my Dad and I last month, she was relegated to the smallest of the three bedrooms because my Dad got the Master bedroom with the bathroom and walk-in closet and I got the second largest bedroom to act as our sewing room.  Since her bedroom is so small, she only has a single bed in there.  Since she has always had a queen-size bed she had no single bedding, she was going to go out and get a single-size comforter.  I told her I would make her a quilt instead and she was thrilled.

She decided she really liked the 1930's prints and I started out making 9-patches with white off-setting squares but decided that since her cute little dog, Penny

will be sharing the quilt with her, I decided white was not the best idea.   So, I am working hard to get it done before the cold winds blow in November!!!  Only, kidding, Regena!!


Nancy said...

I love the repro fabrics and have several quilts using them which I add to my feed sack collection. Is there a pattern name for your block? I can't wait to see the finished it! Nancy

Nedra said...

Tell her that now that she lives in St. G she won't need a quilt until about January. Looks like a Split Nine patch pattern?

Chris said...

30s prints are always so cheerful and fun. I love your quilt so far. Can't wait to see it progress.

Deb said...

Ah...split 9 patch! One of my all time favorite patterns! It is a great "go to" pattern for something simple to sew, but looks really complicated. One of MY favorite qualities in a quilt design!!


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Fun and cheery! Penny is adorable.
xx, shell