Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Summit Creek Quilts

has a new look!!  My friend Sue, who has a wonderful long-arm quilting business, just launched her new long-arm quilting website (click on quilt to see):
Here is what Sue shared in the email she sent us to let us know the great news:

"I’m pleased and excited to announce that Summit Creek Quilts has a brand new website! There are still some typos, grammar things and tiny minor stuff that I need my web gal to fix, but it’s good enough for viewing pleasure and usage at this point. I’ve already had a large number of hits even before I announced it and clients new and old are printing up their own work orders and selecting their own patterns from the web. I tried to keep this website super simple, yet also be able to be powerful for you.

How does this work for you? Well, for starters, all the patterns that are in my pattern book at home are now on the website! Now, when you finish a quilt, and you want an overall or semi-custom quilting done, you can click on the website and print up an order form and then go to Select Pattern and decide in advance what pattern you would like on your quilt. I’ve also actually had people come to my house to pick a pattern first and then design a quilt around the quilting so having the leisure to browse the patterns is ideal for everyone!

The client prep sheet is also there so you can review how to prepare your quilt top and back for quilting, too!"

If you don't already have a long-arm quilter that you just love, check out Summit Creek Quilts!!!  I KNOW you will love Sue's work!!

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Pauline said...

Thanks for the link, - I also visited Sue's webshot album and her work is beautiful!