Monday, February 14, 2011

Are You Interested in Joining a Virtual Retreat/Swap?? I Hope So!!!

The end of last week I was looking for a new quilt to start and I found one I just love.  I have been seeing a lot of the fun, wonkie quilts on the blogs I "stalk" (that's what my computer Prof. calls it) and when I found this one I said oh, yeah, perfect!!!

Then I started looking at the fabric requirement and saw that even if I just do the small 4-block quilt, I will need 56 different FABRICS (not FQs - this is a change from the original post with a huge thanks to Nanci for catching it).  Then a light went off over my head
and I thought - ya, know this would be a fun quilt to do a virtual swap and retreat.  So, I called Jayme, the owner of Bella Nonna Quilts to tell her my fun idea and see how she wanted me to handle the pattern requirements for my Virtual Retreat/Swap.  Well, Jayme loved my idea and wanted to be part of it and she said she would be very willing to sell me as many patterns as I needed wholesale so I could pass the savings onto the Swap participants.

Here is the quilt I am thinking about:
 This four-block quilt is the small version of the quilt below.  It will finish out at 37-1/2" x 37-1/2".
 Here is my plan:

You will sign up to join the Retreat/Swap.  I am thinking that a maximum of 56 participants will be all I can handle for my first gig as a Swap Mommy.

Each of the participants will send me 14 FQs in polka dot fabric.  This quilt just cries out for polka dots!!!

I will then cut everyone's FQ's into 4ths giving us 56 fat-16ths.

I will then take swap out the fabrics so every one of the participants will get 56 different fabrics from the ones they sent me.

Each participant will also send me $6.00 for the pattern (retail $10.00) and a elf-addressed stamped envelope with enough postage to send your fabric back to you.

Then the Retreat part will be gentle bi-weekly nudges (with a little giftie as the nudge) for the first person each two weeks to post one of their four blocks on Flickr.  We'll start a Flickr account just for us.

At the end of 8 weeks we will all have a darling table topper, wall hanging or fun, funkie baby quilt!!

With this post I am asking all of you that would be interested to either leave a comment or email me at to tell me if you are interested in some spring fun!!  If enough of us are interested, we will get going the first part of next week.  I have some fun extras that I am going to add to the package you will get back!!  Hoo! Hoo!

Also, Jayme said she would share a fun primer she has that discusses all the different types of polka dots we can choose from!!!



Chris said...

Sounds like such fun. Too bad I can't join in :( I have two papers to write in the next few weeks.

Cecilia said...

I've never done a virtual swap before, but I love polka dots! I would be interested in doing this if you have enough people interested. I am going out of town tomorrow, but I will be back on Monday.

Unknown said...

I would be interested in this - Deb

Nanci said...

I would be interested also just one question in the beginning you said this quilt uses 56 fat quarters for the small version but we end up with 56 fat-16ths, is there theory that we get more selection and then add the additional once we get everything back?