Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For Pauline - A Quick Peek at My Studio

Pauline over at A Stitching Frenzy has been bugging me for a peek at my little studio.  I advised her that it was a mess and I could not possibly show the world how it looks but she insisted and so here a a couple of pictures:
This is the wall I am going to put my design board on - that why it is blank!
I'll take more as soon as I get it cleaned up!!  :-)


Pauline said...

LOL Kris! My very own post about your studio! And for anyone else reading this- KRIS HAS HER OWN STUDIO for her quilting. I can only dream of such luxury!

And you have bolts of fabric? How cool buying fabric by the bolt! How do you store your fabric? Is it in colour order or by designer/collection?

I love your wicker chair, it's such a great colour. Do you only have the one, or do you have other pieces?

It's probably a good idea to show everyone your delightful studio a bit at a time- you might start a wave of uncontrollable studio-envy. I know I'm starting to feel it right now!

Oh how I wish for one of my own!

Those bolts- sigh- just wiping of the drool now...

Vroomans' Quilts said...

How cool - I love it - the personal side of a quilter. I agree with Pauline - just love that wicker chair, but it needs a quilt draped on it. Anxiously awaiting to see more.