Saturday, January 15, 2011

Up For The Challenge!!

I was looking at some of the blogs I follow and followed their blogs to some interesting challenges.  I was over at Anne Marie's blog on Thursday and saw that she had a 9 patch challenge that looked interesting.  Well, by the time I thought about a challenge and got back to her blog late Friday, she had closed her challenge before I could sign up.  Well, now I was on a quest for something that would get me going again.  I have been so absorbed with work that I have not done any quilting for weeks.  I found that perfect challenge over at Ulla from Finland's blog Kotkarankki.  Now Ulla's blog presented me with two challenges.  The first one was to find out what kotkarankki meant in English.  So, off I went into the Internet world and I think I found out that Rankki is a town in Finland and Kotka is a town in Finland.  So, I am guessing that Ulla lives in one of those towns.

The real challenge from Ulla is to use up my stash this year!!  To use more of what I already have before buying new fabric:
I went to all my bins of fabric this morning and decided to make a quilt for ME!!!  Wow, what a concept!!  So here is what I got done so far today:
Now this must be some pretty old fabric because most of the fabrics are in pastels and as many of you know, I am now a wild and crazy bright color kind of gal, with Kaffe Fassett fabrics being my most favorite!!  One group of blocks have a red plaid center and the other group of blocks have a soft flowery center.  Very sweet!!

Even though this quilt is way outside of my comfort zone, I am excited about how the blocks are turning out!!  Hope everyone is having a great quilty weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Everytime I say I'm going to make a quilt with just what is in my stash...I fail miserably! :::sneaking in more fabric:::


Nedra said...

Looks like a great challenge to be part of, especially if you have the chance to use up scraps.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, good for you - we don't make enough things for ourselves or pamper ourselves. I love the blocks - they are more my style - reversal of you, I get nervous with brights. If a full stash quilt doesn't fit the bill, try using half and half - or a treat, make a quilt just with stash and then you can treat yourself to something new (but half the yardage). That will help to revolve your fabric.

Mandy Saile said...

oh that will be a wonderful treat to yourself:D...can't wait to see it finished...good luck on it.