Friday, January 21, 2011

New International Siggies!!

Wow, it has been months since I have received any new Siggies in the Internatioanl Siggie group I belong to and then all of a sudden, I got two!!  The first one I received a couple of weeks ago from Sandra Young:
Sandie lives in Ypsilani, Michigan.  She has been married to her hubby, Jim for 19 years and has two grown children.  Lucky girl just turned 60 a few weeks ago!!  Now the best part of her life has just begun!!  You go, girl!!  Sandie enjoys a variety of handwork including, knitting, crochetting and quilting and her favorite needlework is the creating of reproduction antique samplers like Quaker samplers.  I'd love to see some of those!!  Even though Sandie has been sewing all her life, she just started quilting 10 years ago.  I still have to send Sandie my Siggie!!  It's coming, Sandie!!

The second Siggie arrived just a couple of days ago:
It is from Lucie Ameye!  Now this young womn is a kick!!  She is from Belgium and is 73 years old.  If you notice, the middle section of her Siggie has a Vespa motor scooter - that is because she rides one and has ridden one for 53years!!  What a woman!!  Yeah!!

Lucie enjoys postcards, patchwork and quilting plus her Vespa, of course!!  Her very favorite activity is gardening and she loves to travel, especailly to her little house in Durbuy, Ardennen, where the nature is so beautiful!!

Lucie, like me, loves Kaffe Fassett!!  Soul-mates!!  Lucie usually has 2 dogs but only has one now because her white Scottish terrier died last year.  The puppy she still has is a brown schnauzer who is only 17 years old!!  I am sending Lucie one of my Siggies tomorrow!!

Thank you Sandie and Lucie - I love both of your Siggies!! 

You can check out my entire Siggie collection HERE!!

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