Monday, September 6, 2010

This past Saturday was the first meeting of the Dixie Quilt Guild, the guild here in St. George, Utah.  It was so much fun to get back in the swing.  This is my first full year in this guild and it is a very busy guild, plus the women here are the most amazing artisans!!

Each year the guild has a "Challenge Quilt."  This year the challenge is put on by the quilters down in Mesquite, NV (they travel 45 miles to come to our guild meetings).  And what a fun twist they have added to the challenge.  We are to go to a paint counter (at one of the big box stores ore Ace or wherever there are paint color samples) and pick out colors that have one of the three initials in our name in the paint swatch's name.  For example, my first initial is "A" so I chose a color called "Retro Avocado."  So, here are all the "A" colors I found:
The lady who was presenting the idea said that one of her initials is "K" and that she had a heck of time finding any swatches with the letter "K."  Well so did I:
and not the greatest colors either, if you ask me.  I love bright!!!

And so, if "K" was so hard, I was thinking that "Y," my last initial, would be pretty hard too.  I was guessing, before I started, that "yellow" was going to be about the only "Y" colors I would find.  Well, bingo, I was right - except one of the yellows was "Egg Yolk" and even though it is yellow, it didn't have yellow in the name!!!
Now, we can add 3 more colors (any color we choose and they don't have to be an "initial" color).  So, since the "K" colors and the "Y" colors are limited, I am going to have to rely on the "A" colors to give me the perfect combination with the help of the added colors.  Stayed tuned!!


Linda said...

Those are great colors. Cant really tell what the "K" is. Is it khaki? The will be a good resting place for the eyes.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love this idea - for K - how about Kelly green, Keylime , Kiwi, Kohl(yellow), with Khaki - nice combo. Can't wait to see what you design with all the lovely choices you have.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I also found this (forgot about pink and black) - but this color chart might help

Nedra said...

I was really sad to have missed the first Guild Meeting of the year. Thanks for the review.