Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bring the First Quilt You Ever Made!!

That was the theme for show-and-tell at the Dixie Quilt Guild in St. George, Utah last Saturday!!  We had our meeting a week early because the St. George Marathon is the first Saturday in October and it is such a huge event that it really takes over St. George for most of that Saturday.

Here are some of the "first" quilts that were shared:

It was so much fun to see these quilts and hear the stories about how they came into existance and when they were made.  You can kind of get a taste for the time period some of these quilts were started just by looking at the colors!!!  One of the ladies said her first quilt was made out of polyester!!  Oh my!!!  The Quilt Cops would be all over her case today, wouldn't they??  :-)

Now, here are some of the recently completed quilts that were shared.  Quite the difference, eh??

Now this quilt (above) was supposed to be the mistake quilt but silly me I think it is wonderful!!!  Since it was not as the quilter wanted, she made the quilt below.  Now, I know there is a huge difference just by the fabrics she chose but I would still eat crackers and read a book under the top quilt!!  I offered to take the mistake quilt off her hands but she would have nothing to do with that offer!!
Now, this one is going to be a class here in St. George!!! I just might have to sign up for this one!!  :-)
This one was HUGE!!!
What a difference a few decades make!!!  The colors in fabric that we now have!!!  The variety of patterns!!!  We are truly blessed to be quilters in this day and age!!  Will they be saying the same thing about us in 2050??  How many of us out there will ever know??  Just a thought!!!

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Nedra said...

Thanks so much Kris for taking pictures of the guild meeting. I almost feel like I was there with you!