Monday, February 6, 2023

WOW!! Today is my 13 Year Blogiversary!!

As I was reading Janet's (from Rogue Quilter) latest post this morning, I was thinking that my Blogiversary should be coming up and man, did it smack me in the face!!  IT'S TODAY!!  13 years!!  Here is my very first post:


"Well, here it is Saturday afternoon in St. George, UT and we are getting a wonderful and very needed rain. I went to my first Quilt Guild this morning and had a wonderful time!!! There were some incredible quilts shared by the members and it motivated me to get going on my own projects, with my first project being to create my own Blog. I have seen some great ones by fellow bloggers and thought, "Gosh, I think I can do that"!! So here I am and I am looking forward to this new adventure!!! I am excited about meeting lots of new friends!!"  

And boy, have I ever met some wonderful new friends!!  Plus as I spent a little time this morning going back through the years, a blog is like a little journal.  And even though it is a journal of my quilting ventures, it brings back memories of the good and the sad times in my life!!

Some years I have been really good about posting and some years not so good, but I don't think I have missed one Saturday's Smile since I started them, I think in January, 2012.  

Right now I am in a quilting funk (the last 6 months of 2022 were really weird) so I have decided to go back to a previous love, Counted Cross Stitch, for a season.

Here is my first finish (well, actually 2nd finish because I did make a little cross stitch for Janet (Rogue Quilter) a couple of years ago):

It is for my Secret Friend at Retreat next month.  She won't see it because she does not read my blog!!  :-). I will finish it out as a pillow. That's a project bag behind the cross stitch that I made to put my projects in.

Ok, if you have stayed with me this far, I am preparing some Blogiversary gifts.  In order to have a chance at receiving one of the gifts, please leave a comment telling me where you were and the things you were doing in February, 2010.  On Friday (February 13th) I will pick my 3 favorite comments (so tell a good story!!) and give those three comments a choice of of some fun stuff - most favorite, second most favorite and third most favorite.

And a huge big thank you for all of you that pop in each Saturday for that needed smile and all the other posts that I manage to post from time to time!!  I hope to be more active in the coming months and years!!


Dotti in CT said...

I was attending the wedding of my younger brother. A second marriage that has turned out to be a most beautiful union. Not only a new marriage but the beginning of his spiritual journey. To the extend of teaching Sunday School. What a blessing his wife was. How love can transform, I am so grateful to her. I made them a heart runner since it was a love occasion and so close to Valentines Day. Thank you for reminding me of the special day. I await your Saturday smiles, and can only think of one time you were late. Pretty great record of keeping us smiling. Dotti in CT

Linda Enneking said...

In February of 2010 I was back at work after being off for nearly a year for treatment of breast cancer. The cancer was found on my annual mammogram, and was shocked to learn it was stage 3 because I had no symptoms. A year after I completed my treatment I decided to have foot surgery, which meant I'd be off work for two months. My job was managing a small bank office in a grocery store in our small town. I was enjoying being back in my routine of seeing customers every day, not knowing that things would be changing in a few months. One day in June I mentioned how glad I was that I had gotten my foot fixed, it didn't hurt any more. Later that very day I experienced severe pain and swelling. It turned out I had to have another surgery to repair the damage so was off another eight weeks. I remember going to my niece's wedding on a rollabout the day after the surgery. Since then I have had three more surgeries on my other foot, a hip replacement and a fracture of my other hip. Through all of those what kept me going was my quilting. If I wasn't able to actually work at it I was reading about it and planning future projects. Reading blogs helped me learn so much. I am very grateful to those who take the time to publish blogs.

Janet O. said...

Dotti and Linda have much better memories than I do! All I can say for sure is that we were celebrating my Mom's 80th birthday in February of 2010. We reserved the back room of a favorite local restaurant for the party, because Mom never really loved eating out.
That is certainly not much of a story, but I have had plenty of special gifts from you over the years, so it is only fitting that others get that opportunity now.
You have been a delightful blogger and friend, and I cherish the times we had together while you lived here in this valley!

Jayne said...

Congratulations on 13 wonderful years of blogging. In Feb 2010 I was part way through my cancer treatment but it was probably my most productive quilting time as I was determined not to let the cancer get the better of me. Now I'm grateful for every day. Your Saturday's Smile are wonderful, I really look forward to them.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations! I don't look at mine an probably should as it must be up there right along with yours. I have turned to embroidery and some small cross stitch as my quilting waned as I went thru the loss of my brother. I picked up my hexies again 0 something about that needle and thread in hand that is a comfort. I, too, love your Saturday Smiles.

Chookyblue...... said...

Wow well I found what I was doing on the 14th I was talking about Nundle Girls sewing day coming up.....useless skills that I have on farm and the winter Olympics had started in Canada.......
Happy birthday........reading this post reminded me that I have just missed my 16th blog birthday.........its been a great ride thats for sure and I am sure like you never imagined we would still be blogging this many years later........