Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, after seeing all the fabrics in a picture, I think I am mostly ready for the first clue reveal tomorrow for the Frolic Mystery Quilt.

Even though the "red" is not the same purply-red of the paint chip, I did have lots of reds that will go together and work with my other colors.

My light blues are a little on the weak side but I was so impressed with my stash that it was able to cough up that many different pieces that worked for the turquiose color.  The two light colors are suggested to use different fabrics for those colors but I will be using just one fabric for each of the lights!!  Oh, and the green was so perfect you can hardly see the paint chip!!

I am excited to get this Mystery Quilt going!!  If anyone has a suggestion on a fabric to pull from the different groups please take the time to leave a comment!!  You can click on the picture to get a larger look!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day of family, food, love and hopefully a nap!!  Until tomorrow!!


Janet O. said...

Good job matching the colors--other than the red, which I think would be a hard shade to find. I like what you have chosen.
Did you have a good Thanksgiving? What did you and Kelly do?
It was my turn to host, I got very little sleep the night before and my nap was way too brief!!!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Kris, Great choice of fabric prints and colors. Have fun with creating you mystery quilt.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving now it's play time sewing today.

Have fun in your sewing room! Peanut and jelly sandwiches tonight...paper plates...too!!