Friday, November 22, 2019

An Experiment!!

Well, I have been complaining for months now that I never get any of my own sewing done because life has other things for me to do.  So, I have decided to try an experiment until the end of the year and by that time it should be a habit!!

I am going to spend one hour a day working on projects that I want to do with some Slow Stitchin' on Sundays!!  Nothing for anyone else in that hour, JUST ME!!  :-)

I have decided on several projects and as I post, hopefully every day as that is part of the experiment, you will see what I am working on!!

Now to be disciplined.  I have settled on 3 projects to work on until one is complete.  Then I can start a new project.  But always just keeping 3 going at any one time!!

The first project I have decided to do is Bonnie K. Hunter's new Mystery Quilt:

So far she has revealed the colors ~

And as I set the color chips out on my ironing board cover to take a picture, I thought YES!!  I want to use that fabric in the quilt!!

Bonnie has also reveled the amounts for each color and I need to get that fabric out of my stash!!  Then, on Black Friday she is going to reveal the first clue.  If I am not mistaken, she reveals one clue a week.

Ok, here goes!!


Deanna said...

I have never done a Bonnie Hunter, but those colors could lure me in!

Janet O. said...

I wish you well with your goals, Kris. Not really getting sewing time here, either. We need the therapeutic benefits of it, don't you think?
Have you ever done Bonnie's mystery quilts before? I don't remember that you have, but could be wrong. They are ambitious.