Friday, February 24, 2017

I Have Been Sick for a Solid Week GIVEAWAY!!

I have been sick with a cold that is viral so drugs won't help and I just have to wait it out.  So, not much sewing has been going on but I have been doing other things.  If you can name all SIX things I have been doing in your comment, I will put your name in the pot for a fun giveaway!!

Giveaway ends Sunday night and I will pick a winner bright and early Monday morning because I will be feeling like a new woman, I HOPE!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon - not a fun event at all. I would guess you are getting lots of rest (love that photo), doing some reading, knitting when feeling a little better, binge watching a series (sorry, I don't watch these so don't know which one it is), herbal teas are great for a viral cleanse, and taking your Vitamin C.

Janet O. said...

Let's see, you've been playing dead, trying to tell what is in a book without opening it, playing with hats, asking the neighbor over to shovel the walk, breathing steam from a cup of hot water, and cutting up fruit! How did I do? : )

Donna said...

So sorry you have been feeling sickly.Add a box of tissues to your routine of sleeping, reading, knitting, TV watching, sipping hot tea and upping the vitamin C and you will be on the road to getting better. Have a great day!

Sharon J. Hughson said...

Resting, having a romance or watching Poldark series (LOL), drinking tea and having citrus, knitting and reading. Hope I win and you feel better quick!

CalamityJr said...

What a fun way to do your giveaway! I wanted so badly to say you've been catnapping, but you use the dog photo for your snoozing and the cat photo for reading. Oh well! You've also been knitting, watching a period tv series, drinking healthy tea, and taking vitamins, especially C. Take care, and feel better soon!

Kris said...

Sleeping, reading, knitting, Poldark(!), drinking tea and cutting up oranges :) Hope you feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are under the weather!
I am guessing that you have been resting, reading, knitting, watching movies, sipping hot tea, and taking Vitamin C!
Hope you feel better soon!!
Sandra B

C. C. Draughon said...

I can guess from the pics that you have been resting, reading, knitting, watching tv/movies (who IS that handsome fellow?!), drinking tea, and taking vitamin C. Loved Janet O's comment! Thanks for the give away. Cyndi (c_dragon at earthlink dot net)

iLander said...

Oh, no! My hubbs and I both had an awful cold, his lasted 6 weeks! But I took a multivitamin, C and D3 (since that new Harvard study saying the lack of vitamin D -sunlight- is what makes everyone sick during the winter) and mine only lasted 1 1/2 weeks. Knock on wood it doesn't come back!
I believe you were
1-laying around sick as a dog, poor you
2- caught up on your reading
3-knitted, good job there!
4- dreamt of handsome young men (don't have to be sick for that! :)
5- drunk plenty of tea
6-ate a lot of oranges - did you know that if you are on the edge of shock from dehydration, an orange will rehydrate you in a way nothing else will, not even water? Also, it is the go-to "lunch" for ballet dancers everywhere.

iLander said...

Wait! I want to change my answer to number 4! You watched Downton Abbey!

Ha! You can't fool me. Did I spell that right?

WoolenSails said...

I am sorry you have been sick, I got it too, think everyone has.
Hope you feel better soon.
I would say you have been napping, reading, knitting, watching lots of tv, drinking lots of tea and getting lots of vitamin C with OJ.


Nancy said...

You are very creative even when you're sick, Kris. I hope you feel better soon. That waiting-it-out part is a hard one.

So, I think you've been sleeping/napping in a comfy bed, finishing a book, knitting pink hats, watching romance movies/TV with a handsome fellow, drinking tea (or watching a little bird dip into your tea), and cutting oranges to photograph them (or eating them/taking Vitamin C.

Rosa said...

So sad you are sick,hope you feel better soon .Hugs and kisses,orange juice, hot soup help to feel better.

elliek said...

Hope you are feeling better. Poldark is enough to make anyone feel better!.

BonusMom said...

Herbal tea
OJ (or some other form of Vitamin C)

Michele T said...

Awww... it's no fun when you are under the weather but it looks like you made the best of it by:
Sleeping, reading, watching shows on tv, knitting, sipping on tea, and getting plenty of vitamin c!!
Hope you are feeling better soon!!